Title III

Member schools/staff:

Windom, Fiscal Host - Joe Schmidt, Melissa Dardis, Joni Fischenich

Heron Lake/Okabena - Robyn Bickner

Hendricks - Roshawn Sook

Jackson County Central - Cheryl Bass

Lynd - Roshawn Sook

Round Lake-Brewster - Margarita Munoz, Robyn Bickner

Mission Statement:

To ensure that students will receive the high quality instruction needed to gain the skills to be academically proficient in English in all language domains (reading, writing, listening, and speaking), to ensure equal access to core content and understanding of the mainstream culture in an inclusive school community, and provide the social skills necessary to participate fully in society.


  1. To provide English Learners high-quality instruction that leads to proficiency in reading, writing, speaking and understanding English through English Language Development instruction in order to achieve academic success in an all English curriculum.
  2. To provide English Learners high-quality instruction that leads to the mastery of the Minnesota State and Common Core Standards in the areas of Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies through individualized instruction.
  3. To provide parents of English Learners the opportunity to participate and support their child’s educational experience and the opportunity to shape the district’s English Learner program through translated materials and family night events.
  4. To analyze student achievement annually and determine needed resources to ensure that English Learners are effectively served in ELD and in their core content courses through use of test and benchmark data.


WIDA "Can Do" Booklet

Procedure plan

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