Policies & Procedures


To maintain in a systematic fashion, the directives of the Board of Education.


Currently the policies of Independent School District #177 are not collected in a systematic fashion. Current policies are located within the minutes from Board of Education meetings held monthly, over the past years.


In order to provide a systematic, efficient, and readily accessible compilation of the district’s policies, the Board of Education will purposefully attempt to gather all policies presently in effect, as well as those suggested by the State of Minnesota, into one (1) policy book.

The Board of Education will evaluate all present policies, as well as suggested policies, that go into the policy manual.

The board of Education of Independent School District #177 will attempt to ensure the following during this evaluation/implementation period:

1. Policies will meet the education goals of the District;

2. Policy will be written within the scope of the Board's authority;

3. Policy will be adopted through proper school board procedures;

4. Policy will be consistent with State and Federal law;

5. Policy, when adopted, will be communicated to the persons it will affect.