Windom Schools Top 20 Training

Windom Area Schools - Top 20 Training

Top 20 Training is happening in the Windom Area Schools! What is Top 20 Training? It’s learning and using powerful self-awareness and social awareness strategies that help all members of a school community develop to their highest potential. The key word is ALL members of the school community. The Top 20 culture rests on four key pillars that all members of a Top 20 School follow: Help Others Succeed; Communicate You Matter; Honor the Absent; and See the Problem, Own the Problem. Top 20 is helping Windom Area Schools create a “we” culture where people think, learn, and communicate effectively; make responsible decisions; develop and sustain healthy relationships; and focus on making a positive difference in the lives and experiences of others and themselves.

 Top 20 Training concepts are simple, yet powerful. Some concepts focus on becoming aware of our thinking so that we can live Above the Line and interact positively with others. Other concepts focus on effective ways to respond to our own mistakes and to the mistakes of others. Conflict resolution, focusing and listening techniques, and reducing negativity in our thinking and social conversations all help to create a culture of safety and trust.

 Top 20 Training is not just for the students and staff in our school. Our learning community extends beyond the walls of our buildings. Families and members of the business community can all benefit from Top 20 Training. The positive concepts are easily transferrable to all settings!

 On October 8th, Willow Sweeney, cofounder of Top 20 Training, worked with all Windom Area School staff – including teachers, support staff, secretaries, food service, and custodians - to dig deeper into developing a strong, healthy Top 20 culture. Several representatives from area businesses and a school board member were also in attendance. It is our vision that we are a Top 20 School District in a Top 20 Community.